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Lauren + Anthony

We asked our Brides to tell the story of how they met from their perspective. We just loved Lauren + Anthony’s story and HAD to share it! Thank you for letting us share in your story and help you plan for your big day!

My husband and I got married September 2018 at Above the Mist and could not be happier about doing so…. How We Met:

His sister in law moved to Ohio and met my cousin in a Mom’s group on Facebook. They both kept talking about each of us and started telling us both about one another. The only problem was my husband was stationed in Utah and I lived in Ohio. I knew that I wasn’t leaving Ohio, but little did I know, he was from Ohio and eventually wanted to end back up here to be closer to his family.

I remember receiving a text message from him on March 5, 2018 and telling my dad, “This guy lives in Utah–this won’t be going anywhere!” At the time, my dad told me conversation was free and to go ahead and “make a new friend.”

For the remainder of March, texting ended up turning into hour(s) long phone conversations. Come to find out, he would be in Ohio at the end of April before leaving for a nine month deployment. We finally met, and as cliche as it sounds, it was love at first sight!

He left for his deployment on May 6, 2018. While he was in Afghanistan, he had my mom help him pick out and purchase a ring, and ended up proposing to me over Facetime on July 17th! Of course I said yes. He came back to Ohio for a two week break on September 10, 2018…. we got married at Above the Mist on September 17, 2018 and he left for the remainder of his deployment on September 22, 2018. He’s now home safe with a baby girl on the way! I wouldn’t change a single thing, nor would I redo any of it.

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