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Rainbow Wedding in the Smokies

Saturday we had the most gorgeous end to our very busy day at Above the Mist. Our mountain venue was rainy but welcomed us with a gorgeous, vivid rainbow to begin our ceremony with. We embrace all weather when it comes to our service and photography because it only just makes your day that more unique and memorable. Whether it’s 85 degrees out, pouring rain, snow, or rainbows – it’ll be perfect! The Smoky Mountains has a way of being pretty unpredictable – and pretty incredible.

Leslie and her family all were just as excited and in awe of this venue as we are every time we prep for a wedding here. Panorama all around of the beauty that can  not be replaced. I am thrilled to show each and every one of our brides, grooms and their guest what this place has to offer and to capture those precious moments in your life with this backdrop.

The mountain venue offers so much variety for photos and a small little area for you to be able to slip your dress on, hideaway before the ceremony starts.

We are so excited to see what the rest of 2018 has to offer but so grateful for everyone who has invested and trusted in us to make your day so incredibly special and perfect like you deserve.

This blog is sponsored by Above The Mist Weddings located in the Gatlinburg, TN in the Glades Arts and Crafts Community. For more information or help planning for your Gatlinburg Wedding please call us at 865-412-1334. Above The Mist Weddings is a leader in event planning and wedding packages in the Great Smoky Mountain area.


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